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Ms. Diane Isabella also known as Auntie Dee has been a licensed real estate broker in New Jersey for 38 years, with tremendous experience in affordable housing. She has started her business, COAH Pro – Affordable New Jersey Housing, and serves as an administrative agent who assists municipalities in the management and facilitation of affordable housing matters. Ms. Gloria has turned to the Small Business Development Center for the drafting of a business plan for external parties, assistance in marketing, and business development.

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Real Estate Broker in New Jersey
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“ Everyone deserves an Affordable home in a luxury building , in a neighbourhood of their choice! Housing should not be judged by people’s by the ZERO’s in a person’s bank account ”

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Fair Housing Professional in New Jersey

COAH Pro serves the affordable housing needs of the entire state of New Jersey. COAH Pro employees are commonly known as your aunties, led by Auntie Dee, the most fair housing professional in New Jersey. She has worked as a professional for the government in both zoning and affordable housing. In addition to serving as a Director of Housing, which allows her to acquire the proper knowledge and relationships with the experts in the field, which has helped her make her business an asset to municipalities and the community that is served by COAH Pro. We are a Certified New Jersey (MWBE) 100 % Woman owned and operated Business.

To ensure transformation in affordable housing in luxury buildings we at COAH Pro designation seek tangible results.

Coah Pro with our staff of Aunties will travel across ALL 565 towns & municipalities in New Jersey enabling our members to have the best opportunities based on New Jersey Law & court mandates for affordable housing in new construction housing.

Soon Auntie Dee & the staff of Coah Pro will be hitting the road in New Jersey with our “Boots on the Ground” approach to finding all the New Luxury Affordable Housing opportunities for Coah Pro members.

Our “coming soon” Coah Pro Affordable Housing Listing System” will be your one stop way of achieving Affordable housing price opportunities in luxury buildings. Till then sign up for our 20 minute sessions to speak directly to Auntie Dee, the best real estate broker in New Jersey!

Your life does not get better by chance it gets better by change – Jim Rohn

509 Memorial Drive Retail Space Neptune NJ 07753

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Thanks for showing interest in this property. This property in Neptune City was built in 2020. It features 0-3 bedroom apartments. It is not located in an isolated place. Within a few miles of radius, there are schools, colleges, and universities; commuter rail, transit/subways, and airports; parks and recreations; shopping centres; and military bases. If you are eager to learn more about this property and view it in person, contact the COAH Pro consultation office. Hurry, before this property gets sold out.

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Inspiration, Motivation & Implementation in assisting people to understand and obtain Affordable housing in Luxury Rental Buildings in New Jersey.

There is a law in Housing in New Jersey called the Mount Laurel 1 ruling also referred to as “COAH” it created the why reason why every town in New Jersey is REQUIRED BY LAW to provide zoning to create a way for builder to build clean safe Affordable Housing. There is suppose to be Affordable Housing in every town. Currently Affordable Housing has 6 regions in New Jersey.

Background of Affordable Housing

In 1975 after the landmark Mount Laurel I ruling that declared that all 565 municipalities in New Jersey must provide their fair share of affordable housing.

In the 1960s, Southern New Jersey experienced a period of white flight and gentrification with white people leaving cities like Camden and Philadelphia in favour of suburban towns like Mount Laurel. Mount Laurel experienced an influx of wealthier white people, the town’s historically Black community was priced out of generational homes with no affordable housing options.

In response, local community members formed the Springville Community Action Committee (SCAC) with the goal of buying and building affordable housing in Mount Laurel. With much strength & courage, land owner Ethel R. Lawrence, a longtime Mount Laurel community member, spearheaded the SCAC’s efforts to receive zoning approval for the construction of 36 affordable homes.
To the community’s dismay, the zoning board denied the SCAC’s request and blocked their efforts to build affordable housing. Rather than backing down, the SCAC joined forces with the Southern Burlington NAACP, Camden County NAACP, and lawyers from the Legal Services. These community leaders and lawyers ultimately founded The Fair Share Housing Center. FAIR SHARE HOUSING CENTER is a nonprofit advocacy organisation that uses legal, policy, and community-building strategies to dismantle decades of racial and economic discrimination in New Jersey and nationally that excludes people from the opportunity to live in safe, healthy, and affordable housing.
Together with Ethel Lawrence they filed litigation against Mount Laurel and won, resulting in what is known today as the strongest framework to support affordable housing development in the nation: the Mount Laurel Doctrine.
Since the Mount Laurel I decision, Fair Share Housing Center has continued to defend the Mount Laurel Doctrine. Centred around those communities that are most harmed by our failing systems and discriminatory policies Fair Share Housing Center advocates for solutions.

Coah Pro has the same passion & fighting spirit to enhance the consumer knowledge and enable them to gain access to Luxury housing at an Affordable Price. To allow the consumers to have access to speak directly to a knowledgeable Affordable Housing Profession and receive one on one.

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