In September of 2022, I was facing an unimaginable situation. As a mother to a beautiful 8 year old daughter, becoming a single mother, and very close to becoming homeless. I had turned to my daughter school’s guidance counselor who has always been compassionate and dear. She than connected to me to Auntie D. The first time I spoke to Auntie D. was a wave of relief, knowing that she was very experienced in her profession, understanding to my situation, and an answer to my prayers. As busy of a woman that she is, she always answered my phone calls or were returned within the hour, which was crucial being my time limits. When calling her desperate as an eviction was set within 2 day’s time, she advised me to call the court and file a motion to extend my time in the home. She instructed me as to what the appearance would look like, what to say, and possible outcomes. I than received a court appearance front of the judge the following day, which granted me an extra 2 months time in the home. That gave me enough time to look for housing options. If it were not for Auntie D. I would be jobless (as I work form home) and homeless. I am forever grateful and hope that anyone else is in some similar situation that could have an Auntie D. like mine.

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